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There’s always a possibility to improve things, and there is a sexual imperative to try new ways to make your partner see Nirvana!


A map of the Perfect Cunnilingus

Oral sex is an exciting practice for whoever’s doing it, and pleasurable for whoever receives it.  With the art of cunnilingus, it is important to know how and where ...

19 July, 2016


Tips for Having Sex on the Beach

Do you want to share some passionate moments on the beach?  Here, Pasionis gives you a few tips to make sex and sand live in harmony.  We reveal the secrets to one of the ...

18 July, 2016


How to give a good “Cuban”

One of the most erogenous parts of a woman’s body are her breasts, and there are also sexual practices that bring them to center stage.  Here, Pasionis explains how to ...

8 July, 2016


Celebrity Sex Tips (5)

We follow their advice for makeup, diets, and fashion: why not sex as well? It could be because we’re curious, or maybe it’s because we really want to know their ...

28 June, 2016


5 Yoga Poses for Better Sex

Yoga tones our bodies, relaxes our minds, and can also help to improve our sex lives. Within the array of yoga exercises, there are five positions recommended for raising ...

13 May, 2016


8 Female Erogenous Zones

Our entire body is a sensory map, ready for pleasure. However, there are many more sensitive zones that, if stimulated correctly, will completely change your sex life. Here, ...

8 March, 2016


The Smartphone is Reinventing Cyber Sex

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for cybersex, have no fear: Whatsapp is here. We’ve left the webcam behind, opting for emoticons, naughty messages, and ...

13 October, 2015


5 Myths About Anal Sex

For some people, anal sex is a normal, very pleasurable practice, but for other people, it’s still taboo. Often, false beliefs lead to fear and insecurity surrounding ...

7 September, 2015

sexo-mama (1)

Getting Your Sex Life Back After Childbirth

After giving birth, the female mind and body are not thinking about having sex again. Caring for the baby and recovering from childbirth take the mother several weeks, during ...

16 July, 2015


OMing, The Orgasmic Meditation

Meditation and pleasure come together in OMing, a practice that mixes meditation and mutual masturbation. Through orgasmic meditation, we can achieve much longer and more ...

13 July, 2015


The Best Sexual Tricks

There’s nothing wrong with being an expert in pleasure and enjoying sex. With a few simple tricks and techniques, we can surprise our partner and improve our own ...

3 July, 2015


Does Vagina Size Matter?

Men’s concerns about penis size have extended to a debate about whether vagina size is important. But what makes the difference in a vagina is firmness, not size. Does size ...

4 June, 2015

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