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Lesbian Story: The Intimidating Boss
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Lesbian Story: The Intimidating Boss

In this erotic story from Andrea B.C., a young secretary is summoned to the office of her intimidating boss, a very secure woman who proposes that they work together very closely for a few days on an important project...

The Intimidating Boss

“Diana! The boss wants to see you.  Now.”

Her hands were shaking, and she started to get nervous. Had she done something wrong? She had only been working as an administrative assistant for two weeks, and she thought that her job was one that went unnoticed by the company’s leadership. Everyone in the office would always talk about how intimidating the boss was. She was about to turn 37, and, even though she was young, she was powerful and assertive.

Diana got up from her seat, still shaking a bit. She straightened out her skirt and knocked on the door. For a half a second, she felt like she was in “The Devil Wears Prada,” about to meet the feared boss. However, when she entered her office, she saw her sitting there with long, flowing blonde hair, a tight dress with pronounced cleavage, and juicy lips the color of pink bubble gum.  She forgot her fear: all she could feel now was lust.

The boss invited her to take a seat, and she did, feeling her panic return to her. Against everything she had heard, the boss seemed friendly, shooting Diana a sensual smile as she welcomed her to to the team. She had a pen between her fingers, and she played with it as she spoke.  She explained that she had called her to her office to make a proposal. She needed her to stop what she was doing and focus for a few days on a new project. She got up to grab a folder from the desk, showing off her impressive body in the process. Her tight dress didn’t hide her perfect curves, and Diana was excited to work with her closely over the next few days.

She spent most of the next few days in her bosses office, taking notes and showing her the progress that she was making on the project.

On one occasion, Diana was immersed making some notes in her notebook when her busty boss came up behind her to see what she was writing. She smelled her sweet perfume, and then, all of a sudden, she felt her hands massaging her shoulders. She didn’t know if she should keep writing or drop the pen and focus on this incredible sensation. But she didn’t have to do anything, because her boss went ahead and took it one step further, extending her massage to other places. Her soft hands moved down Diana’s back, to her waist. Once her hands were there, they moved around Diana’s curves, landing on her stomach. Diana couldn’t control her breathing.

The boss continued this way, behind Diana, getting closer and closer. She could feel her boss’s breasts pushing up against her back. The boss moved her hands up to Diana’s breasts. She undid her blouse and firmly caressed them, passing her index finger over her nipples. Diana was so turned on. She wanted to bite her. She wanted to lick her. She wanted to turn around, but the boss held her firmly there.  Diana could tell that she wanted to be in charge.

Her boss lifted up Diana’s skirt and slid her finger down to her vagina. Diana leaned up against the table as her boss continued masturbating her. She introduced one finger and later two, thrusting in and out. She continued in this way as Diana moaned louder and louder, finally arriving at climax.

Diana covered her mouth so that the rest off the office couldn’t hear her as the boss continued twirling her fingers around inside of her. She was quiet for a few moments, with her vagina pulsing and her breasts out, listening as the boss let out subtle moans and rubbed her clitoris upon her back.

The boss was about to come as well. She nudged Diana to get her to turn around.  She kissed her on the lips and rubbed her breasts. She bit her nipples frantically. She sucked her breasts without stopping until reaching climax. This was the first and the last time this would ever happen, but Diana would never forget it.

Andrea B.C.

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