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Coital Alignment Technique
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Coital Alignment Technique

Coital Alignment Technique Coital Alignment Technique

Genital contact during intercourse is not always enough for the woman to climax. This is why, a sexologist has developed the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT), in which both partners are in total contact to further stimulate the clitoris.

Sexologist and psychotherapist Edward Eichel has decided to find a way to facilitate simultaneous orgasm in couples, and looks like he succeeded. They key is to delay male climax and to speed up female climax, but the challenge was to do it without the need to stimulate the clitoris manually or with the help of a vibrator.


The Coital Alignment Technique is based on the total contact of the bodies of both lovers, so that the base of the penis and the male pelvis stimulate the clitoris and the female G-Spot. Dr. Laura Berman also delves into this technique, based on improving the traditional position of The Missionary.

Coital Alignment Technique


4 steps to practice the Coital Alignment Technique


  1. The lovers get into the missionary position, but the man gets a little more forward than her, his chest needs to be on top of her shoulders. He rests on her body, to make more pressure. The legs of the woman circle his thighs, but always in an angle under 45 degrees.
  2. The man penetrates the woman, but in this position the base of the penis and the pubis rub the clitoris and the mount of Venus. While the tip of the penis stimulates the G-Spot, the rest of the genitals are also stimulated.
  3. During intercourse, the partners synchronize the moves of their pelvis to keep them both in step, and they avoid moving the top part of their body. It is recommended that their moves are slow, to favor synchronization. While she moves her hips up, he moves his pelvis back and forth, or down from the perspective of the woman’s body position, penetrating her deeply.
  4.  It is important that arms and legs are relaxed and that moves are carried out simultaneously. Professionals also advise to avoid holding your breath or repressing your pleasure moaning, to avoid tensing the body.

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