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5 oral sex techniques
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5 oral sex techniques

Oral sex is not just about fellatio and cunnilingusThere are other games and techniques to enjoy this exciting erotic game that are way more creative. Do you know what humming or facesitting are? At Pasionis we want to tell you about 5 oral sex practices.

5 oral sex techniques 5 oral sex techniques

Now that we know that oral sex is one of the sexual practices preferred by young people, we want to increase your knowledge of this erotic game. There’s life beyond a nice blowjob and the art of cunnilingus, and many different ways to pleasure somebody with your tongue and lips.

Oral sex can work as foreplay, to prepare your body and mind for intercourse, or as a sexual practice in itself for reaching the orgasm. This kind of sexual games are very exciting for their components of submission and visual eroticism, and also for the great variety of stimulating sensations that we can provoke through the different movements and techniques, like the ones we are going to tell you about.

Creative games to give oral sex

  • Irrumation: Irrumation is no other than a passive fellatio. The girl gets in a comfortable position, salivates and gets ready to receive the member of her partner in her mouth. However, in this type of blowjob, the woman remains still and he is the one who makes the hip moves necessary for stimulation. This practice is very common in domination games and BDSM, those in which one of the members of the couple is submissive. For irrumation, it is crucial to keep in mind that the girl has to be willing to do it, and that it’s important to do it carefully, because if the man pushes too hard he might make her gag.
  • Humming: Humming consists in producing vibrations with your mouth and throat while you practice oral sex. In general terms, it is similar to the reverberation produced when chanting the mantra “Om”, in a low tone. It’s not only about making your lips vibrate, because that might tickle rather than produce pleasure. Let’s not forget that vibration is the main feature of the majority of erotic toys. It never disappoints!
  • Anilingus: Anilingus or ‘rimjob’ means to lick or orally stimulate the anus, an area with many nerve endings. This practice has been a taboo for many years, but the truth is if there is mutual consent it can be extremely pleasurable. If you want to know more about anilingus, visit this article: ‘The anilingus or rimjob
  • Deep throat: The jewel in the crown of oral sex is deep throat. It’s about the penis getting to the bottom of the throat during fellatio. Even though it’s a very popular practice in pornography, the truth is that it is often complicated to perform because of bad positions and impending gagging. We could even say that it requires some practice, so that the throat gets used to it. Learn how to deep throat step by step on this post: ‘How to deep throat

  • Facesitting: Facesitting is a position for cunnilingus that has an aspect of domination. The man lays down on the floor and the woman kneels at the level of his face, sitting on his mouth. This way, he can stimulate the girl with his tongue while she moves her hips and sets the pace.

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