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5 ideas to enjoy a different plan with your partner
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5 ideas to enjoy a different plan with your partner

5 ideas to enjoy a different plan with your partner 5 ideas to enjoy a different plan with your partner

When an important couple-related date approaches we always have to face the difficulties of finding the perfect present.  

You can give your partner the typical gifts like flowers, jewelry, clothes or a weekend at the beach or the mountains, for example. They are all valid options to surprise him but, how about this time you try something hotter? That way you will also help spice up your relationship, what with time and living together it’s normal to be caught up in a daily and sexual routine.

The erotic store MiSensualBox, our reference sex shop, other than offering a wide arrange of erotic products and Sensual Boxes for couples for all tastes, has created a section of services for couples, perfect to complement their supply of products. Spicy ideas to share with your man. We’ll give you a few examples:

  1. Massages for couples

Let yourself go with a relaxing massage for two and enjoy a moment of pure pleasure and excitement by your man’s side. Life is so stressful and frenzied that we just have to slow down and take a moment for ourselves, to be pampered in a warm and cozy atmosphere. And what if, on top of it all, we can do it with our partner, right? Treat yourself to a relaxing massage for couples given by real professionals! The point is that you both can enjoy the maximum comfort and relax in a warm and intimate atmosphere.

  1. Breakfast in bed

Another romantic gesture to surprise your partner is to get him a complete breakfast in bed. Imagine waking him up with the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee, and with the tastiest and more appetizing products. If you want to go further and to make it a great gift you can choose companies that deliver the perfect breakfast at home. A romantic surprise that could be the beginning of something else…

  1. Love Hotel

Hotels for couples are perfect for a romantic getaway, where you can enjoy each other in a warm and cozy environment. Let loose of your passion or rekindle it. Join this Japanese trend breaking the routine in an exclusive atmosphere like the Hotel Loob, a space where you can enjoy a hot tub, a private in-room pool and a Tantra armchair. And they also have a room inspired in “50 shades of Grey”! Maximum discretion guaranteed.

  1. Sexual coach

When there is a sexual problem in your intimate life it is likely to affect other aspects of your couple life. Sex is life, and if this it’s failing it can provoke confrontations that will damage the relationship. In this case, it is important to take the step to be honest about it with our better half, and to seek professional help (with a coach like Raquel Gargallo, for example), in case something isn’t going well. Let a sexologist or a sexual coach into your life and start enjoying your intimacy! Because at MiSensualBox they know that it is important that this part of couple life works, in order to lead a happy life.

  1. Mini Box Bar

One of the star products of MiSensualBox are their Sensual Boxes, some erotic little boxes to enjoy with your partner. It’s a fun and creative gift to share unforgettable and very steamy moments with your man. Spice up your sexual routine! And now they have included a special box to set up your own private bar. Prepare your own cocktails with MiniBoxBar, break the ice and afterwards… whatever you can think of!

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