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5 habits that are damaging your sex life
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5 habits that are damaging your sex life

At Pasionis we give a lot of tips to further enjoy sex, but today we found some bad habits that reduce our libido and damage our sex life. Do you drink too much coffee? Have you chosen a dramatic movie to watch during a date? Badly done! Check out this list of things that bring your sexual desire down and fix them.

Working out, eating healthy, trying new positions and sex games… We know practically everything about how to keep a good sex life. However, it is also important to know which habits are damaging us and reducing our sexual desire and our performance in bed. With this in mind, Dr. Carmen López Sosa, an expert in sexology, has published a list of 5 habits that harm our sex life.

Solve these 5 habits to further enjoy sex

  1.  Crying on a date

Because of a survival instinct, when men see their partner cry, and especially when they smell her tears, they lose their sexual desire. If you plan a date with a movie, make sure the story is not going to make you cry, or you both might end up hugging and surrounded by tissues.

  1.  Riding your bike a lot

Working out is very recommendable to keep in shape and perform better in bed. But be careful with riding your bike everywhere and with sitting on that narrow seat for a long time. This effect of the bike is especially harmful for men, as all their weight falls on the perineum and it can end up affecting their capacity for erection.

  1.  Drinking too much coffee

Abusing coffee can affect our nerves, our teeth and our stomach. Apart from all that, excessive coffee drinking also ends up damaging our adrenal glands, responsible for regulating our stress levels, and that also affect our sexual response. Oh! And let’s not forget about bad breath, now that will kill any kind of passion.

  1.  Drinking too much soda

When you drink an industrial juice or a soda, after your typical sugar increase comes the sugar crush. This kind of drinks can create an addiction, and the constant energy and sugar crush can turn into a deeper problem. And when we’re depressed, who wants to have sex?

  1.  Checking your phone before bed

One of the most intimate moments for a couple is going to bed together. Even if there’s no sex, snuggling and cuddling are very important for bonding. If we spend those precious minutes checking our social media or playing with our phone, we will be wasting that opportunity.

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