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Why do men exist?
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Why do men exist?

For a long time, biologists have been asking why the masculine sex exists if their only contribution to the species is, apparently, semen.  Wouldn’t it be more practical to have one sex that could reproduce itself?  Finally, they’ve found the answer: the presence of two different and complementary sexes improves natural selection and helps to avoid disease.

Nature is so complex and efficient–but why did it create two sexes that need one another in order to procreate?  There are many hermaphroditic animals, and species that reproduce without the need for the masculine sex.  However, the female-male model is the most practical for the improvement of a species.

Masculine competition strengthens the species

It’s true that in the species that reproduce through parthenogenesis, in which all of the population is female, it’s easier to reproduce more quickly.  However, they tend to have more genetic problems, and finally, the end up dying out.  To demonstrate the importance of the masculine sex, a scientific team directed by biologist Matt Cage has explained the benefits of the existence of the two different sexes for reproduction, based on sexual selection.

Courtship is an important part of human reproduction, and although it’s not as evident in humans as in other animals, competition between men is actually favorable to the survival of the species.  This struggle to reproduce is known as sexual selection.  It makes it so that the weakest individuals do not procreate, thereby improving the genetic structure of the future generations.

Sexual selection is really nothing more than Darwin’s famous natural selection applied to the concept of reproduction.  Both are based on the prevalence of the strongest and healthiest animals or humans, which are chosen by women to have children.  In this way, the species improves, generation by generation, editing out illnesses and weaknesses as the genes are passed on.  This is the scientific reasoning behind sexual attraction.

Without sexual selection, we would become extinct 5 times faster

To demonstrate the importance of men in the improvement of the species, the scientists worked with two groups of beetles.  In the first group, there were fewer females than males.  The men had to compete amongst themselves to be chosen by the females to reproduce.  In the second group, there were more females than males, which allowed all of the males to reproduce.

After 7 years (which means that there were 50 generations of beetles), the scientists genetically analyzed the new insects.  The results of the experiment revealed that the beetles who were born in the group with fewer women were stronger and more resistant.  On the other hand, the beetles from the second group had died out after 10 generations.

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