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Tips for achieving simultaneous orgasms
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Tips for achieving simultaneous orgasms

Having sex means prioritizing pleasure and giving yourself over to the other person; it is mostly about letting yourself get carried away with the moment until you achieve climax.  However, if you can control levels of arousal, you can synchronize your orgasm with that of your partner's, and arrive at climax at the same time.  How can we promote simultaneous orgasms?

For couples who have been together for a long time and enjoy a solid relationship with a rich sexual life, a good goal to set is simultaneous orgasms.  Synchronized climaxes are complicated at first, as men and women have different rhythms when it comes to what offers them maximum arousal.  As such, it tends to require practice.  But that doesn’t matter–this is one of those goals that’s as fun to try as it is to achieve!

Tips for achieving orgasm at the same time as our partner

The president of the Spanish Federation for Sexology Societies, Miren Larrazábal, points out that there’s no need to obsess over having simultaneous orgasms: “The obsession for reaching sexual goals can overshadow our enjoyment.”  The key is to enjoy everything about sex, from the foreplay to the climax, and even the cuddling afterward.  If we want to try to arrive at orgasm at the same time as our partner, there needs to be good communication, and we need to be ready to accelerate or delay our arousal to synch up with the other person.

To reach simultaneous orgasm, it’s important to talk about it with your partner first.  If you try to synch up without them knowing or making an effort, it can get very frustrating.  Also, don’t focus on the simultaneous orgasm as the goal of your sexual relations, and don’t get frustrated if you don’t achieve it.  It requires a high level of self-control to delay or speed up climax, and you’ll surely have to try several times before you can get it right.  If that’s the case, don’t get upset–you’re still having sex!

A good piece of advice if you want to achieve simultaneous orgasm is to dedicate time to foreplay.  Normally, the woman takes longer to reach the highest point of her sexual arousal, so foreplay is a good trick for getting her going before beginning the actual coitus.  Above all, remember that simultaneous orgasm does not need to be the goal of the sex: the objective must always be to enjoy as much as possible.  There’s no failed sex if you’ve had a good time!

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