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Shower Sex Tips
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Shower Sex Tips

After a stressful, busy day, a hot shower is godsend. It loosens up the muscles, it warms us up, makes us feel all clean and fresh, while also relaxing and replenishing our energies.

The Pasionis team would like to share some tips with you on how to enjoy some great shower sex.

The wetness, the steam, the perfume of all the different soaps, your naked bodies and the hot water all work together to create a highly erotic scenario. If you plan on enjoying shower sex with your partner, make sure you have an anti-slip mat. You wouldn´t want the whole experience to end with both of you in the emergency room.

Start out by enjoying some sensual caresses, give each other massages, starting from the back, the shoulders and all the way down to the butt. Run your hands down your partner´s body with the excuse of lathering them up. Enjoy the soft, slippery feeling of the soap and don´t forget to also massage your partner´s genitals, once things get truly hot.

Positions for enjoying shower sex

Once you´re both ready and yearning for it, the best position for shower sex is always standing up. As great as the temptation to do more acrobatic positions might be, it´s best to be practical in order to avoid any mishaps.

We recommend that you give him your back, as you face the wall or the shower screen. Slightly lift one of your legs, that way he´ll be able to grab onto you, making penetration easier and more profound. If you want to make things a bit kinkier and exciting, you could ask him to give you a well-deserved spank every now and again. But be warned, a spank hurts more when your skin is wet!

Another ideal sexual position, which is fairly similar to the last, is to face him, as he lifts up one of your legs. This position is a bit more romantic, as it allows you to kiss your partner, which will only add to the sensuality and intensity of the moment.

After you´re done, you´ll feel brand new, relaxed and satisfied. Incorporate couple showers in your sexual routine, you won´t regret it!

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