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Naughty interest:Combining Social Media & Dating?
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Naughty interest:Combining Social Media & Dating?

Tired of seeing picture after picture after picture of random men with just a name underneath? Feeling like you always have to hit left? Does it drive you nuts every time you have to fill in super long profiles just to enter a dating website?

Do you feel you don’t know what to expect from guys in the online dating world? None of this will happen if you join Naughty interest! If you dreamed of the ultimate social media site for dating, here it is. You will feel at home, you will be able to really interact with users (or put them in a blacklist if they’re being a pain!). Naughty interest offers you a giant list of options. For starters, filling in your profile takes no time, you just need a user name, a nice catch phrase and a very brief description of yourself or of what you are looking for. Don’t waste another minute! You will soon realize this is the real deal for true dating.

But there’s more: most dating websites don’t care about what members have to say, but what really stands out in Naughty interest is the sense of community that you will find. People have their own voice here, and they are not just defined by random pictures of themselves snorkeling and binge drinking. Firstly, you are presented with potential matches to which you can say yes, no or maybe, because we all are allowed to leave a door open sometimes, aren’t we? Also, members can have their own blog posts and messages they want to share with you in the “Featured” category. But the most fun is the “Hot or Not” section, where you can quickly select who you think is the hottest on Naughty interest! Oh, and let’s not forget about the Top Photos of users, they are often sexy and hilarious and you can post comments and give likes.

And if you feel like flirting with members you can message them using the search feature for people in your area. As a classic member you can send a quick flirt, but you can also write a longer message to get to know them better. And because Naughty interest is a very participative and creative site, there are regular polls with cool questions like “have you ever had sex with somebody whose name you didn’t know?”, which offer you a fun time and also the chance to test the waters when it comes to what people like these days. And you will know because guys will let you know if what they want is a threesome, and then you can choose whether you’re interested or not.

Every time a user uploads a picture there’s a notification on the page that you can visit or discard, if you feel like getting to know new people. But the features of Naughty interest don’t finish here! You can also see who looks at your profile, you can have a guestbook for friends to sign and your own gallery to add pictures and build your list of favorites. If you are still unsure you must know that you can trust Naughty interest also because people are allowed to leave reviews about the users, for example “I had a really great time with this guy, he’s really worth it!” (that’ll work if you are not the jealous type!). There is control about what kind of reviews are left so don’t worry, nobody is gonna slander your name all over the place either. Every service in Naughty interest is focused on giving you the best experience meeting real people online that you will ever have. No distrust and no sketchy profiles! More humanity and personality.

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