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Celebrity Sex Tips (5)
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Celebrity Sex Tips (5)

We follow their advice for makeup, diets, and fashion: why not sex as well? It could be because we're curious, or maybe it's because we really want to know their tricks, but in Pasionis, we love rounding up sex tips from celebrities. What's Victoria Beckham's spiciest secret? Why does Eva Longoria fantasize about?

longoria·  The kinkiness of bondage – Eva Longoria

The energetic latina actress Eva Longoria, famous for her roles as the picky femme fatale, confesses that she loves bondage. During her marriage to professional athlete Tony Parker, the actress loved erotic play in which her husband tied her up with soft silk scarves.

alba2 ·  Dress sexy for your man – Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is considered one of the most desirable women on the planet. She knows that, while having a pretty face is important, it’s also important to dress in a way that’s flattering for your body. She knows that men are guided by their sense of sight, so she recommends dressing sexy when you go out with your man.

electra ·  Surprise him with a striptease– Carmen Electra

There are few things in life that are sexier than a striptease. The explosive Carmen Electra confesses that her secret weapon for bringing men to their knees is a good striptease –she even made a DVD to teach women how to undress in a sensual way! Obviously, a striptease counts as foreplay, even though you’re not touching.

hilton ·  Have confidence in yourself – Paris Hilton

The rich heiress of the Hilton empire is known for her scandals, and she overcomes them all by having a great deal of self-confidence. The celebrity says that a woman’s image doesn’t matter: as long as she has confidence and security in herself, she’ll be attractive to the men around her. Keep your head high!

beckham ·  Try a sex toy – Victoria Beckham

Although she doesn’t speak publicly about her sexy life, the Beckhams have been seen several times visiting sex shops in Los Angeles. If such a perfect, stylish couple is open to incorporating sex toys, why aren’t you? Head to a sex shop with your boyfriend and get inspired.

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