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Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?
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Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

Can a man and a woman be just friends? Friendship is a strong connection that bonds us, but we don´t exactly know if there is anything more underneath.

By the looks of things, there is always some attraction from at least one side of the two partied involved.

The endless debate regarding the friendship between a man and a woman is back in the spotlight after a study done by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, in the United States. The result of the study is unequivocal: it isn´t possible. The results, published in the magazine Scientific America, are clear about the impossibility of having a pure and innocent friendship with someone of the opposite sex, because our instincts are too powerful. During the survey, professional interviewed 88 couples formed from university students, separately as well as together, about their feeling regarding their friends of the opposite sex. The conclusions were interesting, since, as could be expected, the female and male perception are quite different.

On the one hand, men feel a lot more attraction towards their female friends than the other way around. Not only that, but they are so blinded by their sexual desire that they trick themselves into believing the attraction is mutual. On the other hand, women tend to find themselves on the other end of the pole: we normally feel very little or no conscious attraction towards our male friends, making us believe that they also only see it as platonic friendship.

Experts say there is always attraction between friends

According to this study, even if both sexes may overestimate or underestimate the relationship, attraction exists, either from one or both sides. Therefore, the possibility of romance is something that will always be there.

The Pasionis team wonders: what happens if there is some attraction? Does the friendship have to end or does it make the connection stronger?

The two friends might be aware of the attraction, even discuss it and decide to resist it out of fear of losing their friendship in case the romance turns sour. Sometimes, a person can be a great friend, but a terrible partner.

We´re sure that every situation is different and, after all, the study was conducted on college students, an age group that is notorious for their high libido. If we feel that we share an honest and real friendship with someone of the opposite sex, than studies be damned.

Do you feel that we can view each other as more than potential sexual partners or do you think instinct triumphs?

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