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Aquatic Kamasutra: 10 sex positions to try in the water
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Aquatic Kamasutra: 10 sex positions to try in the water

Now that it’s finally getting warmer, many couples bring themselves to having sex in the water. Whether you do it in the shower, in the pool, in the bathtub or on the beach, at Pasionis we are sharing these 10 sex positions with you to help you enjoy sex in the water. But be careful with slipping off and with untrustworthy sea waves!

Having sex in the water is one of the most popular sexual fantasies, and during the warmer months many people make it come true. The arousal provoked by the thought of having sex in a public space together with the romantic image of couples on the beach, scarce clothing and extra heat is very tempting. But, before plunging into the swimming pool, the beach, the shower or the bathtub to have sex, a few matters must be taken into account.

Tips to have sex in the pool, the bathtub, the shower or the beach

  • Water dissolves the vagina’s natural lubrication, and it can make penetration painful. If you want to solve this problem you can use water resistant lubricants.
  • The chlorine from the pool and the beach sand can irritate our most sensitive body parts, so be careful with the excessive brushing in genitalia and thighs.
  • If you use a condom as your birth control method, keep in mind that putting it under water is an impossible task. Also, in the water, latex can lose some flexibility and there’s a higher risk of breaking.
  • In the pool, bathtub or shower, slipping can seem like something ridiculous or funny but it’s actually a very real risk. Don’t use soap and make sure you are performing a stable position.

And more importantly: think of the fine you can get for having sex in a public place, if you choose a pool or the beach. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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