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Aphrodisiac: Grape, Cheese & Honey
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Aphrodisiac: Grape, Cheese & Honey

If you´re thinking about preparing special dinner for two, add this aphrodisiac dish and start off the night on the right foot. Here at Pasionis we´d like to share with you this easy and truly tasty recipe

, where all you need is honey, grapes, blue cheese, toast and a few minutes of preparation time. The sweetness of the grapes and honey brings a sharp contrast to the salty blue cheese, melting in your mouth into a delicious mix. Honey is one of the oldest and best known aphrodisiacs, while grapes are a symbol of lust and sensuality. Think back to the iconic image of Cleopatra being fed grapes by Marco Aurelio.


Red grapes

Country bread or baguette


Blue cheese



After washing the grapes, lightly sauté them in a pan using a bit of oil. You mustn´t fry them, simply sauté. Cut the blue cheese into small cubes and then spread them on slices of toasted crispy bread. If you have opted for a baguette, the size of a small slice is ideal. If you´re using country bread, cut the big slice into smaller pieces. Place one or two grapes on each bread slice and add the sweet touch of honey on top.


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