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Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Party Sex
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Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Party Sex

Who says that mixing is bad? Barman in Red presents the aphrodisiac cocktail "Party Sex," with a good combination of different alcohols and a citrus touch.  Get your bar cart ready for this creation, perfect for refreshing your lips and heating up your body.

In his article, Barman in Red explains the importance of serving the drinks in a nice glass, because we tend to associate that with a higher-quality cocktail.  So, for the “Party Sex,” the barman has opted for a special container, far from the typical cocktail glasses.

With a lot of ice, various liquors, soda, and citrus, this will exceed your guests expectations, without a doubt.  Follow the expert’s recommendations.  Don’t alter the quantities or the steps, and enjoy this elaborate drink.



Golden rum




White vermouth

Triple sec

Simple syrup

Orange and lemon juice

Coca-Cola o Pepsi


Do you already have all the ingredients?  Let’s go! In the glass that you’ll serve it in, put three ice cubes, 15 ml vodka, 15 ml golden rum, 15 ml of whiskey, 15 ml of gin, 15 ml of tequila, 15 ml of vermouth, 15 ml of triple sec (Cointreau, for example), 15 ml of liquid sugar, 15 ml of orange juice, and 15 ml of lemon juice.  You can make the liquid sugar yourself, putting two tablespoons of water for ever 1 tablespoon of sugar and heating it until it dissolves.  When you have everything in the glass, fill it with crushed ice and coca-cola, up to the top.  To decorate, put a slice of orange and some sprigs of mint.  Cheers!

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