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7 techniques to stimulate the G- spot during penetration
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7 techniques to stimulate the G- spot during penetration

The mysterious and enjoyable G-spot is one of the most sensitive areas of our body. You can use your fingers to find it and, if you can stimulate your G-spot with penetration, you will enjoy a much more intense pleasure from intercourse. Learn these 7 tips to spot the G-spot!

The G-spot is a small erogenous zone located inside the vagina, in the frontal wall. Behind the pubis, at a level of between 2,5 and 7 cm depending on every woman’s body, you can find the Gräfenberg Spot, whose function is to give pleasure. If you want to discover your G-spot, you should feel that area with your fingers until you find a small spongy bulge, although you should keep in mind that it can go unnoticed in many women, and be more or less touch-sensitive.

Once you discover your G-spot it’s your chance to turn it into an ally as useful as your clit. If you want to enjoy its stimulation during sex, there are 7 techniques that you need to use during penetration.

1.  Friction: You can lead your man’s penis to your vagina and move it softly inside your labia minora until the beginning of a smooth penetration.

2.  Simple penetration: Also known as forward penetration, it’s about the girl getting on top of the man, leaning back a little to make it more intense. In this position the penis directly brushes against the frontal wall of the vagina.

3.  The bang: Get in a comfortable position for both of you. During the pounding the penis needs to get completely out of the vagina and enter again hard, but being careful enough that it’s not painful for any of you.

4.  The bull and the oxen bang: When thrusting in, the man only hits part of the vagina, focusing on the frontal wall. The bull version is similar to the oxen one but, in this case, all the vaginal walls are stimulated, and not just one.

5.  The sparrow move: Once inside the vagina, the thrusting is controlled to prevent the penis from getting out. The man has to move from side to side inside the girl, in order to stimulate all the vaginal walls.

6.  Pressure: When full penetration has been achieved, the man pressures for a bit with his member against the frontal wall of the vagina, without moving.

7.  Alternating: In this technique, the penis gets completely out of the vagina when pounding. The man has to combine deep penetrations with smoother ones that only get to the entrance of the vagina. This movement is very arousing for both of you and it stimulates the frontal wall of your vagina.

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