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6 tips to be naughtier with sex
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6 tips to be naughtier with sex

Being naughty when it comes to sex is extra exciting, and guys love it. At Pasionis we give you 6 tips to be naughtier in and out of bed. Enjoy yourself and become his ultimate fantasy.

Light the fire of passion with surprises and spicy messages

1.  Talk dirty: In bed, some people prefer silence, but others are very turned on by dirty talk. If you’re not used to talking during sex it might be hard at first, but it’s all about relaxing. You don’t have to blurt out rude comments or be aggressive, just express out loud what you’re feeling and what you’d like to do, if you want to change positions and, particularly, if you’re enjoying yourself: say it! You will notice if your guy is uncomfortable or if he decides to join the dirty talk game.

2.  You can look but you can’t touch: Make him suffer a little bit. Walk around naked with a very sexy outfit or take off your clothes slowly while he’s looking at you. If you’re already in the foreplay, start masturbating and forbid him from touching you, then he’ll be a passive spectator to your personal show. This really turns guys on and surely sex later will be passionate and wild…

3.  Take control: Traditionally men take control in sex, but there are no written rules. Actually, most guys love that their partner takes the initiative during intercourse. Get on top, change positions and spin your powerful hips around while he gets carried away. If you want to go further and you like games, you can tie his hands to the bed while you perform your magic.

4.  Sexting: Smartphones can be great allies when you want to kindle passion. Send your man a spicy message in the middle of the day, another one in the middle of the afternoon… and by the time he gets home he’ll be melting away. Sexting is a fun and playful way of setting the mood for the night, almost like foreplay. Let your imagination run wild, but be careful with sending pictures, you can have problems later.

5.  Get out of bed: OK, a bed is very comfortable and we are used to having sex there, but if you want to spice it up, do it somewhere else. Start provoking your guy in the living room or in the kitchen and, instead of leading him to the bedroom, stay wherever you are. It’s a way of trying new things without being too risky, and men love the “right here, right now”.

6.  Surprise him: Programmed sex can become really boring. Surprise your partner in an unexpected moment or do something different. For example, you can sneak in the shower with him while he soaps up his back, feel him up subtly while you’re in the movies or whisper in his ear that you’re wearing a special lingerie set for tonight. These gestures will help you break your routine and will keep the initial excitement of the relationship longer.

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