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5 tips to have simultaneous orgasms
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5 tips to have simultaneous orgasms

You have probably heard of simultaneous orgasms, but making them happen is not an easy task. Today we are giving you a few tips and recommendations to have a simultaneous orgasm with your partner and to climax together. First of all be patient, there will be very few practices as pleasurable as this one!

1.  Erotic toys and gels

Men and women have different speeds in the race towards orgasm. You have a lot of help to adjust to each other and to have simultaneous orgasms: gels and retardant condoms for him or , stimulating for her… you can even use a vibrating ring so that the girl can enjoy a more intense stimulation and you can keep in step with each other.

2.  Foreplay

Foreplay is a key element in sex, it helps prepare our body and our mind for intercourse, and it makes us ready for the pleasure of orgasm. Also, foreplay allows for a longer sex session and for more stimulation for one or the other. So, if she needs some more time, we recommend that you start with female pleasure focused foreplay, like a cunnilingus, and then follow up with penetration, so you will reach simultaneous orgasms.

3.  Breathing

One of the techniques of tantric sex is to match your breathing: both lovers have to fuse their bodies together and make them work as one. If you want to have simultaneous orgasms, controlling your breathing will also help you feel the arousal through your body, speed up and slow down if needed. And never underestimate the power of a sensual moan.

4.  The perfect position

Depending on which position you choose, the man or the woman will climax first. Generally, in the positions in which he’s the one pushing and thrusting he ejaculates earlier. Experts have discovered the ideal position to reach orgasm simultaneously: the Coital Alignment Technique, a precise angle of penetration that you can learn in this post about CAT.

5.  Other erogenous zones

Genital stimulation is not the only way to reach orgasm. If you’re about to climax and your partner needs a last push, try and stimulate one of their erogenous zones at the same time: ears, neck and ass are usually the most effective ones. This combination of stimuli is very powerful!

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