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5 tips to boost your libido in the couple
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5 tips to boost your libido in the couple

The lack of sexual desire affects many women and, consequently, also their couple relationships. If you suspect your low sex drive is starting to be a problem and you want to get your passion back, take these recommendations. Long live love!

A comedown in your libido can be caused by many factors, from physical discomfort to hormonal changes, and we don’t have to worry if it’s only for a couple of weeks. However, if at some point we still don’t feel like having sex and we don’t understand why, it is time to face it and try to get our sex drive back. One of the best ways of getting through this little issue is to talk about it with our partner to try and look for a solution together.

Plans and changes to get back to wanting to have sex

  1.  Date nights

Many stable couples stop partying and they swap the club for the couch and the blanket. It’s not about going out like there’s no tomorrow, but every once in a while it’s a good idea to get dinner out and then hang out for a bit at a bar or cocktail bar that you both like. Socializing and being surrounded by people in a stimulating place can help you reminisce about old times and share a few laughs and anecdotes. Besides, getting ready to go out will help our self-esteem and we will feel sexier. If we add the disinhibition we feel with a drink, we might have a nice ending to our night.

  1.  Careful with your medication

If you don’t know what’s causing your low libido, maybe it’s time to read your medication brochure, because some medications as common as birth control pills have secondary effects that can affect your mood and your sex drive. If that’s the case, go to your doctor and ask him for an alternative treatment. A simple change in medication can make a difference.

  1.  Household chores 50%

This tip is based on logic. If your lack of sex is due to tiredness, it’s time to look for a different plan. If you share the chores in an equal way but you alternate the days you do them, every day one of you will be exhausted. Instead of that, share the chores between both every day, you will be at the same level at the end of the day and it won’t be a pain for any of you.

  1.  The love nest

Not so long ago we talked about the importance of Feng shui and the decoration of your bedroom to have a good sexual life. If you have a messy room where it’s not pleasant to hang out, it’s very possible that you don’t feel like having sex in the middle of the kids toys, the clothes to fold and that box that has been there ever since your last moving. Clean up your bedroom, put new bedsheets and relaxing elements like candles or flowers. You will realize it’s much more appealing.

  1.  Plan a night for two

Many couples don’t have time to enjoy sex properly. To try and fix this, plan a special night  for yourselves. The important thing is that you know that nobody is going to bother you in a few hours and, also, knowing that night is going to be romantic will help your libido go up all day long.

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