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5 benefits of a “quickie”
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5 benefits of a “quickie”

When it comes to sex, and for the sake of women’s pleasure, we always recommend to dedicate some time to foreplay and seduction games. However, a good quickie can also be very exciting. We analyze 5 benefits of the “right here, right now”.

Foreplay and warming up before sex help body and mind prepare for intercourse, but they don’t have to necessarily be physical. A spicy text, some eye contact or a subtle caress can light our imagination and become a part of sex. Also, other factors count in a quickie, like the risk of being discovered, that will turn that encounter into a very exciting experience.

What do we get from a quick sexual encounter?

  1.  Erotic adrenaline unleashed

No planning, a passion outburst. That’s how quickies are, and they make adrenaline run through our body. We normally associate the concept of a quickie to clandestine sex, perhaps in a public place, a bathroom or even at work, places in which we run the risk of being discovered.

  1.  Raise your oxytocin in a minute

Sex and other displays of affection, like hugs or kisses, are related to oxytocin, also known as “the hormone of love” or “the hormone of happiness”. Oxytocine reinforces the bond with your partner, and it provides a nice state of wellbeing. In conclusion, oxytocin is guilty for that stupid smile on your face after spending some time with your partner.

  1.  It’s an explosion for the relationship

One of the biggest risks of stable relationships is falling into monotony. Avoid always doing the same things, run away from programmed sex, and break the routine having a quickie with your partner. Surprise and adrenaline will be pure excitement and newness to your relationship. Root for the outbursts of passion!

  1.  Uninhibited pleasure

We love romantic nights and slow sex, but we also need to learn how to enjoy a quickie. Many women fantasize about this kind of sexual encounters, in which they can disinhibit, enjoy the experience unashamedly and carefree, and live new and exciting sensations.

  1.  Self-esteem and trust

Feeling loved and wanted is something that makes us march proud. Sex is a way of showing love and desire in one act and, together with the release of hormones, it is perfect to improve your self-esteem and trust. A quickie is a great way of releasing some tension and boosting your ego.

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