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3 Scientific tricks to hook up more
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3 Scientific tricks to hook up more

3 Scientific tricks to hook up more

Beauty, attraction, and sex appeal–these are all important factors when it comes to hooking up.  Aside from our innate advantages in seduction, knowing these 3 curious scientific tricks for hooking up can help us in the long-term.  There’s nothing that a cucumber or a pumpkin pie can’t fix.

Larry Getlen, journalist from the New York Post, has analyzed the book “The Real Science of Sex Appeal,” to come up with 3 key points to human attraction.  You never know when you’re going to need a little bit of extra help hooking up, and Pasionis wants to share these three scientific tips for seduction.

  1. Aromas that increase our sex appeal

Our brain has some curious connections, and some of those make us feel more sexually excited depending on what we smell.  It’s not about pheromones: we’re talking about daily scents that increase blood flow to our genitals.

It’s been shown that in men, the smell of pumpkin pie increases arousal by 40%; popcorn, by 9%; and cheese pizza, by 5%.  On the other side, the most arousing smells for women are fresh cucumber and licorice.

According to neuroscientist Alan R. Hirsch, the sexual effect that certain smells have on us could be related to the pleasurable experiences that they remind us of.  Mmmm…cucumber….

  1.  Increase your cardiac rhythm to seduce

When we’re in front of someone we like, our heart speeds up.  Until now, we didn’t know that that increased cardiac rhythm and those terrible nerves can also help us hook up.  Apparently, when we realize that we’re around someone whose heart is beating quickly, we feel more attracted to that person.

The link between your heart beating out of your chest and your ability to hook up is based on noradrenaline.  This chemical substance is released when you feel emotional stress, creating an effect similar to conventional adrenaline.  This factor pushes us to put ourselves out there, which can create a bond of empathy.

  1.  Look for your reflection in the mirror

The book makes it clear that the popular saying “opposites attract” isn’t totally true.  In reality, we are more likely to begin a relationship with someone who looks like us physically.  This includes being attracted to people who have a similar weight to ourselves.

To demonstrate this theory, a group of people became subjects in a peculiar experiment.  In one part of the study, they were shown photos of faces that were lightly retouched and modified, including altered photos of the participants themselves.  The majority of the participants chose the photos of their own modified faces as the most attractive of the group, without recognizing themselves.  Seeing is believing.

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