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25 Gestures we make when we flirt
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25 Gestures we make when we flirt

How do you know if someone is attracted to us, or if it's time to give up?  An expert in human communication has created a list of the 25 most common flirting gestures.  Is he puffing his chest? Is he asking you questions? You're on the right path.

Professor Dr. Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas is a specialist in human communication that has studied how we interact when we’re attracted to someone.  To show how we behave when we flirt, the doctor brought 102 strangers to a cafe and made them sit in couples for 15 minutes.  At the end of the speed dates, the partners rated the level of attraction they felt for their conversation partner.  Then, by studying the participants’ movements and reactions, the research team created a list of the 25 gestures that reveal that someone is flirting.

Dr. Hal points out that the gestures are ordered from most to least frequent, but you have to keep the in mind what the other person is like.  For example, although a basic flirting gesture is coming close to your conversation partner and showing enthusiasm, very polite and formal people may leave may space between themselves and hide their enthusiasm.  Some gestures are easy to interpret, but others go by unnoticed both by those who are doing them and those who are receiving them.  Focus on the little details!

25 Reactions and gestures that show someone is into us

  1.  They’re especially happy and smiley
  2. They’re agreeing with that you say
  3. They make an effort to carry on the conversation
  4. They lightly open their arms
  5. They reveal some personal details
  6. They’re very expressive with their hands
  7. They maintain eye contact
  8. Their voice becomes more sing-songy
  9. They touch their hair, face, or clothes
  10. Their voice raises
  11. They play with whatever they have in their hands
  12. They lean slightly forward
  13. They bite or lick their lips
  14. They ask you questions
  15. They nod their head
  16. They puff out their chest
  17. They make self-effacing comments
  18. They come closer little by little
  19. They cross their legs
  20. They lean on their elbows
  21. They make gestures that show the palm of their hand
  22. They shoot you flirty looks
  23. They squirm around in their seat
  24. They give you compliments without realizing it
  25. They make fun of you a little bit

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