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The Best 15 Names For Online Flirting
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The Best 15 Names For Online Flirting

There are many factors which influence the attractiveness of a person. We analyze their physique, their voice, but also their name. The name we choose for online dating is key to our success

and the Pasionis team has a list of 15 names that get all the virtual guys and girls.


Human beings are complicated creatures, especially when it comes to choosing a mate. We examine a lot of aspects such as: height, physical appearance, health, smell, voice, personality. The social network Badoo has discovered that when we have nothing else in front of us, except a screen, the user´s name is a crucial factor when deciding who to contact.


Accoridng to the matchmaking website, the three female names that enjoyed the most success were Luna, Vero and Cris. When it came to guys, the names Alex, Dani and Toni topped the list.


If we stop to think about it, it´s not that surprising. It´s not that uncommon to discard someone as a potential partner because of their name. We might not like the sound of it or it might remind us of something or someone unpleasant from our pasts.


Diminutives are more attractive

Psychologist Jo Hemmings, expert in couple therapy and behavioral psychology, explains: ¨We tend to unknowingly associate a name with someone in particular that we already know with that name, whether it´s a colleague from high school, a celebrity or a character on TV¨. Hemmings also adds that we have a certain preference for diminutives and short names: ¨People with abbreviated or otherwise short names appear more familiar and accessible, less intimidating. A diminutive offers the feeling of warmth and informality¨. According to information provided by the matchmaking site Badoo, a diminutive name such as ¨Javi¨ or ¨Cris¨ is perceived as more attractive in 72% of cases.


Is your name among the 15 most attractive names on the internet?















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