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10 Movies To Save A Relationship
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10 Movies To Save A Relationship

¨A romantic movie will save your relationship¨, this is the premise of the ¨Movie Intervention¨ initiative, a technique that consists of viewing movies as a couple and then talking about them.

According to the experts, it´s as efficient as going to two sessions of couple therapy.

Relationships become resentful and can sometimes only be saved by turning to a professional. However, now a new technique has been developed for those that don´t want to go to couple therapy. The ¨Movie Intervention¨ was invented by researchers at the University of Rochester. This new method of reviving a relationship is based on watching romantic movies as a couple and then discussing the characters and how they dealt with their problems. By analyzing the relationship on the screen, the couple might get a better understanding of their own.

One session of ¨Movie Intervention¨ is equivalent to two sessions of couple therapy

The study published by The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology  included 174 couples that sat down to watch a few typically Hollywood films. The results were surprising: the couples that were going through a rough patch managed to improve their communication by discussing the plot of the movie, the result being that of two professional couple therapy sessions.

According to Ronal D. Rogge, one of the researchers in charge of the study, ¨a movie is a non-threatening way to initiate a conversation¨, which is why so many couples out there could benefit from the ¨Movie Intervention¨ technique instead of running to a professional.

The experts make it perfectly clear that not all romantic movies work. Cheesier dramas such as ¨The Notebook¨ are off the list. Here is the list of 10 movies that could potentially save your relationship:

1 American Beauty

2Anger Management

3Autumn in New York

4Before Sunset

5Blue Valentine

6The Devil Wears Prada

7Fatal Attraction

8Father of The Bride

9Something´s Gotta Give

10Love Story


You can see the complete list here.

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