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Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Party Sex

Who says that mixing is bad? Barman in Red presents the aphrodisiac cocktail “Party Sex,” with a good combination of different alcohols and a citrus touch. ¬†Get ...

9 January, 2017


Have more sex to earn more money

A study reveals that workers who have sex 2 or 3 times a week earn 4.5% more than those who have no sex.  Do you want to earn more money?  Energize your work life by having ...

28 November, 2016


3 Scientific tricks to hook up more

3 Scientific tricks to hook up more Beauty, attraction, and sex appeal–these are all important factors when it comes to hooking up. ¬†Aside from our innate advantages ...

11 November, 2016

Why do men exist

Why do men exist?

For a long time, biologists have been asking why the masculine sex exists if their only contribution to the species is, apparently, semen.¬† Wouldn’t it be more ...

2 November, 2016


Tips for achieving simultaneous orgasms

Having sex means prioritizing pleasure and giving yourself over to the other person; it is mostly about letting yourself get carried away with the moment until you achieve ...

31 August, 2016


25 Gestures we make when we flirt

How do you know if someone is attracted to us, or if it’s time to give up?¬† An expert in human communication has created a list of the 25 most common flirting ...

30 August, 2016


Google knows what we’re asking about sex

We can lie if we’re taking a survey, but Google knows the truth. The search engine has revealed the most commonly searched terms related to sexuality.¬† It turns out ...

25 August, 2016


Love is fattening

A study reveals that love makes us gain happiness…and weight. ¬†Studies show that people gain an average of 4.5 extra kilos when they enter a stable relationship. ...

23 August, 2016


Why do we fall in love on the metro?

You’re on the metro or waiting at the bus stop, and all of the sudden, you see a very attractive man that you’ve never seen before. ¬†Wham! You’re already ...

22 August, 2016

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