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Sexual tips from celebrities (2)

Celebrities are always in the spotlight, even more so if it’s about their personal life. At Pasionis, from time to time we bring you sexual tips from the most well-known ...

18 May, 2017


Why do men exist?

For a long time, biologists have been asking why the masculine sex exists if their only contribution to the species is, apparently, semen.  Wouldn’t it be more ...

2 May, 2017


Aphrodisiac cocktail: Earth and sea

Have you ever tried a cocktail with wine?  In this aphrodisiac drink from Barman in Red, we combine red berries with honey, gin, and red wine.  It’s an elegant ...

25 April, 2017


6 Types of kisses and their meaning

A kiss can be a greeting, a display of familiar affection, or a gesture to light the flame of desire with our partner.  What does each kind of kiss mean?  Learn to read the ...

14 March, 2017


5 Tricks to be more attractive

If you’re out on the prowl this weekend and you want to be successful, follow these five scientific tips for increasing your sex appeal.  Look for something red to ...

1 March, 2017


10 Common questions about sex

Do you know everything there is to know about sex?  Here, Pasionis responds to the 10 most common questions about sexual health, first times, masturbation, and other ...

27 February, 2017


Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Black Martini

A perfect cocktail for vodka lovers, for those who enjoy elegant drinks, for people who are into vermouth…it’s got something for everyone! Barman in Red presents ...

20 February, 2017


7 Curious facts about breasts

They’re there, in front of us, every day…and yet we know so little about them.  The female chest has various functions, from lactation to sexual attraction.  ...

16 February, 2017


Intelligent people masturbate more

Do you masturbate often?  Maybe it’s because you’re so intelligent! A study by the Kinsey Institute in the United States claims that university students and ...

14 February, 2017


Anaphrodisia, sexual anorexia

When a person denies their sexual appetite and avoids having sexual relations, it could be a case of anaphrodisia.  This problem is widely known as “sexual ...

6 February, 2017

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