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What’s the story behind Pasionis?

Behind Pasionis, we are four girls free of taboos. After many talks with friends, we realized that women like sex just as much as men do and that we have a lot to say about it. However, we found very few online communities that openly discussed the subject and that we tend to leave it as table talk. This is how Pasionis was born, an online portal about sexuality and eroticism from a female point of view.

On Pasionis we want to offer all types of sex facts and sexual health information, as well as tips on how to break the routine in your love life and try new things. Our sections include a weekly sex horoscope, many Kamasutra positions, humor, sex-shop items, erotic stories and a community where you can debate and answer questions with the help of sexologist Dácil González. What’s for sure is that when it comes to sex, you learn by experimenting.

We also focus on eroticism. In our video section, we collect clips of pornography for women and erotica by the top producers that make a different kind of adult entertainment, made better and more stimulating for us. Miles away from the conventional porno, on Pasionis we want to celebrate only the best erotic videos for women.