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How to masturbate a woman in 10 steps
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How to masturbate a woman in 10 steps

The search for pleasure is one of the main goals of human beings, and sexual pleasure is no exception. Actually, sexual satisfaction is directly related to the wellbeing of the couple. However, as years go by, monotony can have a negative impact on intimacy. Masturbation is a good alternative to improve this aspect of relationships, a practice that
also brings advantages and benefits.

Next we are going to give you 10 tips to take your girl to cloud nine.

  • 1. Play with the atmosphere

The place where masturbation takes place can also be determining to promote a climate of trust and relaxation. Maybe you can set up some candles in the room and play some soft music as an invitation to go with the flow.

  • 2. Find the clitoris

Even though we have different sex organs, men and women can have really pleasurable orgasms. But while the penis only has one way of sending sensations to the brain, the female genitals have three or four. Certainly, the most well-known one is the clitoris: a small fleshy body located on the upper side of the vulva. Stimulating the clit correctly can lead women to experimenting extremely pleasurable feelings. But it is important to know how to do it, and to not stimulate it directly if the
woman is not properly aroused.

  • 3. The G-spot

There’s a lot of conversation going around about the G-spot, and probably everybody knows that it’s women’s magical button. If you want to locate it, you need to insert your finger upside down and, once inside, make a sort of hook with your finger. Then you will identify an area that sticks out slightly, like a button.

  • 4. Stimulate both at the same time

To increase pleasure, you can play with both hands (or with just one) to stimulate the clitoris externally and the G-spot. She will be on edge if you can combine both moves.

  • 5. Explore her body

For a more pleasant stimulation, it’s important to know that there are other erogenous zones that you can activate. For example, while you play with her clit, her neck can be a great ally to boost pleasure. Also, stimulating the anal area and the nipples can be delightful.

  • 6. Don’t forget about kissing and caressing

It is really important to use your fingers right, but you must not forget that you can also use your free hand to touch your girl’s body and you should keep kissing her. These stimuli will turn her on even more.

  • 7. Use a lubricant

When masturbating a woman, it’s a good idea to use some kind of lubricant, to increase pleasure and avoid pain. In a recent survey, a 50% of the people confirmed that lubrication helps them climax.

  • 8. Invest in a sex toy

Masturbation isn’t only about fingers: you can also use other objects, like vibrators. You can find many types in the market, so you can do some research before making your decision.

  • 9. Keep up the communication

You can ask her questions directly and keep communication flowing. That way you can improve things and achieve a much more intense experience.

  • 10. Start smoothly and gradually become more intense

Maybe you think that by being more intense right away you will achieve better orgasms, but the truth is that increasing intensity little by little is the way to go.

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