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Aphrodisiac cocktail: Couple's Cocktail
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Aphrodisiac cocktail: Couple’s Cocktail

Barman in Red suggests surprising your partner or your guests with this creamy aphrodisiac cocktail. Aren't you tired of always drinking the same thing?  This special drink combines vodka, Baileys, coffee liqueur, orange juice, cream, and a spicy little touch of cinnamon.

This is an especially distinctive cocktail for smooth, demanding palates that enjoy finding various layers of flavor in a drink.  With a base of vodka and various sweet liqueurs, this Couple’s Cocktail presents a creamy texture, a cinnamon aroma, and a variety of flavors, ranging from creamy whiskey to bitter orange.  It’s an array of pleasures for the senses.



Whiskey cream

Coffee liqueur

Orange juice

Liquid cream

Powdered cinnamon


Before making the mix, deal with the cream: pour 30 ml of cream in a glass and whisk it a bit so that it acquires a smooth, spongey texture.  Now, in the cocktail shaker, put ice, 30ml of vodka, 30 ml of coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua), 30 ml of cream whiskey (such as Baileys) and 15 ml of fresh orange juice.  Shake the shaker for 10 seconds or so, so that all of the ingredients mix and chill.

Filter the mixture into a wide glass, keeping the ice from falling in.  Add the whipped cream with a spoon, covering the top of the drink completely.  Sift some cinnamon on top of the drink, which will add both aroma and appearance.

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