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5 Techniques for an Intense Orgasm
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5 Techniques for an Intense Orgasm

In sex, it's almost all been done before.  Many ancient cultures relied on massages and special positions to control orgasms, both in men and women.  Here, Pasionis explains five of these techniques that help to improve erections and bring about more intense orgasms.

1. Coital alignment technique

Coital alignment technique achieves direct clitoral stimulation during penetration.  The bodies of the two lovers come into total contact and, thanks to the position, both can reach climax at the same time.

They adopt a position similar to the missionary, with the man’s chest aligned with the woman’s shoulder, and the woman flexing her knees to surround herpartner’s thighs.  The woman, in this way, slightly lifts her hips.  The couple synchronizes their movements during penetration and tries to not move their upper body.  The man moves his pelvis back and forth, while the woman goes up and down.  In doing this, the penis directly rubs the clitoris, bringing about a female orgasm.

2. Yab-Yum

This position was inspired by the traditional Buddhist image of Yab-yum (padre-madre), which symbolizes the sexual unity of men and women, and the deities Shiva and Skati.  To do this position, the man sits with his legs crossed, in lotus position, and the woman does the same, on top of him, face to face.

As with many tantric techniques, this position allows the synchronization of the two lovers, concentrated on sensations and breathing.  With this practice, we can control our level of sexual excitement and create a strong bond of intimacy with our partner.

3. Florentine coitus

Also known as “Coitus a la Florentina,” this technique is based on the grip of the woman on the man’s genitals.  Once a man has an erection, the woman wraps her fingers around the base of the foreskin, applying light pressure.  If the man is not circumsised, she should pull the foreskin back.  She maintains this grip during penetration, which increases the firmness of the masculine member, controls ejaculation, and makes sex last longer.

There are many practices similar to this one, which use pressure to keep blood in the penis and avoid it becoming flacid.  This move also helps to prevent premature ejaculation, which is beneficial to both lovers.

4. Coitus reservatus

Coitus reservatus is done with the goal of holding back ejaculation, prolonging the excitement in the “plateau” phase.  When a man realizes that he is about to come, both partners relax and start to move in a slower, calmer way to prevent ejaculation.  They do this as many times as they want.  When orgasm finally does come, it’s much stronger.

This technique is also known as “Karezza sex,” and it helps to control premature ejaculation as well as bring about a female orgasms by lengthening the duration of the sex.

5. Postillonage, prostate massage

Many men experience longer-lasting, strong erections thanks to prostate massages, or “postillonage.”  In order to give a good prostate massage, its important that both parties are relaxed and comfortable. While the man controls his breath, the woman traces soft circles in the perineum zone, which is between the scrotum and the anus, changing directions every so often.  After this, she applies a light pressure to the perineum before moving on the massage the anus.  She makes circles around the anus to relax the zone, carefully introducing her finger.  If he doesn’t feel uncomfortable, she proceeds with this anal penetration and lightly curves the finger toward his abdomen, to stimulate the internal zone of the prostate and massage it directly.

When it comes to postillonage or prostate massage, it’s best to go little by little and use a good lubricant.

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