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Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use for Pasionis - Pasionis
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Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use for Pasionis

1. Identifying Information for Pasionis
Pasionis is a website operated by TransLease International Ltd, with the address at 71 Amiens Street, Dublin 1. The company tax code is IE8206816Q.


2. Appropriate Use of Pasionis
When using, the user agrees to:
– Accept that there is delicate material, of adult content, in the ‘Videos’ section of and view them under their own discretion.
– Confirm that they are of legal age in order to visualize the adult content videos.
– Not supply false personal information for the orders. If it is suspected that such fraud has been carried out, the Pasionis team is authorized to cancel the order and inform proper authorities.
– Offer genuine and precise personal information so that the Pasionis team may contact you, if necessary.
– Take responsibility for their comments made on the forum, chat or Disqus, as well as for any publication of personal information that they make.
– Receive weekly Pasionis newsletters once they have provided their email as contact information.
The user on must agree to make appropriate use of the contents and services provided by the website -chat, forum, comments and other means of public or private communication- , without having the intention of engaging in illicit or illegal activities.


3. Privacy Policy
TransLease International Ltd handles and processes information in a secure and discrete way. This information will not be shared with a third party and will only be presented to the proper authorities as a result of a written request. Personal information received at can only be mentioned to the responsible legal entity or to an employee in the team and only as a result of a written or electronic request.
The personal information provided on the website will be stored in our data bases, after the user has declared that said information is valid and corresponds to reality. Furthermore, the provided information may be used for relative communicative uses at


4. Medical Contents on Pasionis
The medical information in the articles not referring to a source does not constitute authorized medical advice. Any information published on has an informative purpose of a general kind. None of the provided information can substitute medical attention. For a professional opinion, see your doctor.


5. Contest Rules
Pasionis will give out prizes to the readers and spectators that participate in the various contests held through text messages at 27028 (mobile messaging). The 25th user to send a message wins.


6. Waiver of Guarantees for External Links
TransLease International Ltd is not made responsible for damage of any kind which may arise and is not limited to: transfer of viruses or malware, possible computer errors in platforms outside of, or for the use of words and pornographic content in said links to content outside of


7. The Use of Cookies
The user on agrees to the page’s use of web analytics cookies. The cookies used will under no circumstances store the personal information of the visitor.


8. Modifying the Terms of Use and the Legal Disclaimer for Pasionis
TransLease International Ltd has the right to revise and modify the Terms of Use and the Legal Disclaimer at any time, subject to the alterations of itself.


9. Subscription

Valid for 1 month (with automatic renewal), the user will benefit from the open reading of each and every article of Pasionis. The price of subscription will be 4,99€/month.
The User has the right to freely access all of the public articles of Pasionis. However, Pasionis reserves the right to restrict the access to some of the published articles with information, promotions or special offers to the NON-subscribers. Pasionis has the obligation to provide the Subscriber, in exchange for a fee, with unlimited access to the reading of articles during a predetermined period of time.

The cancellation of the subscription can always be done here.

9.1 Requirements to be a subscriber

Only the natural persons over the age of 18 who act in their own name and right, or the legal persons who act through a representative or proxy, also over the age of 18 and with sufficient power of attorney, will have the right to be Subscribers. In any event, the Subscriber will be the legitimate holder of at least one of the electronic payment methods provided by the website. Contracting a subscription is prohibited to any of the natural or legal persons whose habitual activity is selling press and/or magazines. Pasionis reserves the right to resolve the contract of subscription in the case of failure to fulfill this prohibition.

9.2 Payments
The Subscriber is obliged to pay the price of the subscription through one of the electronic payment methods provided by the website, when requesting the subscription.

9.3 Cancellation
The Subscriber will be able to exercise the right of withdrawal solely of own volition, without needing to provide a reason for this decision, and through an unequivocal statement in that regard, issued within the stipulated period of time.


9.4 Refund Policy
If you are a consumer who has signed up for a new subscription you have a right to cancel your subscription within 14 calendar days. If you exercise this right, we will refund the subscription fees you have paid and your account will downgrade to the free plan.

How to Exercise this Right
You must exercise this right of cancellation by sending a written notice of cancellation to:


providing the following details:
• Your name and account username
• Date of purchase
• That you want to cancel your subscription under this cancellation policy
You do not need to provide a reason why you are cancelling, but we would be interested in hearing why.
If you have sent us this notice within the applicable time frame, your subscription payment will be reimbursed within 14 days of your sending of the notice of cancellation.

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