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Erotic story: An Unexpected Visitor

Christmas is over, but it’s still time to enjoy the gifts… In this erotic┬ástory, Andrea B.C. gives us the details of two childhood friends who meet again. With ...

29 June, 2016


Erotic Story: On the Hood of the Car

Now that the weather is heating up, it’s a great time to wash the car out in the fresh air. In this erotic story, Miriam is struggling with the hose when an old ...

22 June, 2016


Erotic Story: Fest of Caresses

In this erotic story, Andrea B.C. delights us with a banquet of spicy little details. Bella has been in a dry spell for too long, but it looks like tonight, she’ll be ...

24 May, 2016


Lesbian Story: The Intimidating Boss

In this erotic story from Andrea B.C., a young secretary is summoned to the office of her intimidating boss, a very secure woman who proposes that they work together very ...

12 May, 2016


Women’s Repressed Sexual Fantasies

What are your sexual fantasies? A study reveals that the majority of women think that they have one type of fantasy, but in reality, they’re turned on by things that ...

18 April, 2016


Erotic Story: Three Orgasms

We don’t know if it’s true or if it was just a fantasy, but an anonymous reader has sent us this sexy store in which she enjoys three orgasms–no more, no ...

12 April, 2016


Erotic Story: Exploring Ireland

An anonymous reader has sent us this erotic story based on a real experience. The author shares the intensity of the nerves and excitement of trying casual sex for the first ...

11 March, 2016


Erotic Story: The Most Pleasure Massage

An anonymous reader has sent us this story about an erotic massage, with lots of luxurious details.┬á This story puts us in Daniel’s shoes, where we can almost feel the ...

25 February, 2016


Erotic Story: The Dressing Room

An anonymous reader has sent us this erotic tale based on a true story. This time, one of the dressing rooms at the mall turns into the ideal spot for a little quickie. Who ...

2 February, 2016


Lesbian Erotic Story: Juicy Thighs

In this lesbian erotic story, a bubbly and provocative tattoo artist turns Barbara’s appointment into a mixture of pleasure and pain.┬áThere is a reason why they say ...

12 January, 2016


Erotic Story: The Best Cunnilingus

An anonymous reader has sent us this exciting erotic story about oral sex. Few things turn women on like good cunnilingus, and, as the author tells it, this was surely one of ...

14 December, 2015


Erotic Story: Tonight, You’re Mine

Inspired by the immense popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, Andrea B.C. takes us to a hotel room, where a dominant and a submissive are going to change roles for the ...

4 December, 2015

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